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Admissions Open for 2017 - 2018 | Bangalore University And University Of Mysore Recognised M.Com Admission Started for 2017 - 2018


(Affiliated by the Bangalore University)

Management Concepts & Theories :

  • Management: definitions, nature and scope of management, functions and process of management-evolution of management theory from Taylor, Fayol, Drucker to the present. Growth of professional management in India. Ethics in management.
  • Managerial Planning: planning process, types of plans, strategic vs. operational plans, models of strategy formulation, linking strategy to structure.
  • Decision Making: Managerial decision-making process and models, steps in rational decision-making, creativity and group decision-making.
  • Organizations: Organizational theories and design, various forms of organization structures, span of management principles of coordination, authority, power, delegation and decentralization.
  • Managerial Control: relationship between planning and control-limitations of control, types of control systems and techniques – management by exception, budgetary control, functional and dysfunctional aspects of budgetary control, internal control systems, internal audit and management audit.

References :

  • Essentials of Management-Koontz and O’Donnell. E-McGraw Hill, New Delhi
  • Introduction to Management-Fred Luthans-McGraw Hill, New Delhi