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Admissions Open for 2019 - 2020 | Bangalore University And University Of Mysore Recognised M.Com Admission Started for 2019 - 2020

College Rules and Regulations


The Conduct of the students should be exemplary, not only within the premises of the institute but also outside. This will help in maintaining prestige and status of institute. Students should have No objection if their parents / guardians’ are contacted by the Principal or people authorized by Principal regarding their indiscipline, irregularity in attending classes, default in payment of fees and poor performance or failure in examinations, or other matter of concern


Strict discipline / silence maintained by the students during their college timings. They should not wander around or indulge in any activities which will disrupt Others while their stay at Library, lab, class room or anywhere in the campus.

Dress Code

Students must wear decent dress while in the campus. The disciplinary committee will monitor and take all appropriate measures to maintain maintain the decorum of the institutions.

Library books

The books borrowed from the library should to used carefully and returned to the Library at the appropriate date.

Identity Card

The students should wear the identity card always.