Physics Lab

Well designed and ideally established as per the
university standards. It has all the equipments required for students to get a practical knowledge of their subjects

Chemistry Lab

The lab meets the requirement of the curriculum well designed and nicely developed.

Biology Lab

The lab is well designed with all the specimens given in the curriculum procured for in-depth understanding of the subject.

Computer Lab

The college has a big computer lab facility with a capacity to accommodate 100 students. The networked systems are configured to allow individual internet access from all the computers so that students get an uninterrupted access to the internet during their practical sessions.
Students have extensive and free access to the internet to gain extra knowledge outside of classroom as well. All the labs have extended working hours enabling students to work college hours .

Other than the above mentioned labs we also provide the following labs for the overall academic improvement of the students

Business LabMaths LabLanguage Lab

Our main objective of creating the business lab is to provide the students necessary skills, the need of the corporate companies. knowledge about their file building, data collections, their concept or working style of MNC (multi national company) etc. Through this business lab students can also involve in various activities to impart methodological skills. The institute creates some opportunities in order to get the practical inputs in the subjects like Banking, Income Tax, Advertising, entrepreneurship and so on.  

Using scilab and maxima lab, we make sure that theoretical knowledge is transformed to practical applications. Using maxima lab, differential calculus problems are explained through simple programmes. Using maxima lab and scilab we can plot graphs for various problems in mathematics. Using scilab, we can explain simple programs, problems related matrices, analytical geometry, groups theory etc., The maths lab consists of the eminent faculty who monitor the math’s lab periodically and assist the under performers.  
This lab aims to sharpen and enhance the knowledge of the students. It provide opportunities to improve their outlook towards life and serves as a forum for literary and language activities, discussions, debates and review sessions.