Vision and Mission


To be identified as a “Centre of Excellence” with high standards of Knowledge and discipline to transform the students who in turn shall contribute to the advancement of society and human kind.


We shall dedicate and commit ourselves to attain and maintain excellence in Education through commitment and continuous improvement of infrastructure and equipment and provide an inspiring environment for Learning, Research and Innovation for our students to transform them into complete human beings with ethical and social values.


Our main objectives are to provide experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character and physical capability of an individual .We believe that education is the process by which society ,through schools, colleges, Universities , and other educational institution transmits its cultural heritage , values, knowledge and skills from one generation to another.

We can categories our objective in the following heads.

  • Holistic development of students & faculty
  • Deliver quality education.
  • Provide best of class infrastructure.
  • Create a conducive environment for learning.
  • Continuous growth in the students in all aspects.
  • Nurture for the overall development of students to make them better citizens.
  • Introduce the new avenue beyond class room.